Thursday, October 24, 2013



Hey Everyone!
Believe or not I didn´t cry when I read your emails. My P days are thursdays for the next 5 weeeks until I leave for my mission. It really is incredible out here. It rains almost everyday around 5-7 oclock. I was able to read everything you guys wrote in my journal! All of them were so great and inspirational! especially isaacs ;) I started off with my companion Elder Martin, whos from texas and is serving in the provo mission spanish speaking. I feel almost bad for him cause his girlfriends their for school and his whole extended family lives in the valley. hes different but fun and a good worker. funny though cause he took 4 years of french and mixes in his accent on accident sometimes. God definitely through me a challenge my second day here though. We got a third member to our companionship and lets just say were trying to learn to love eachother. his name is elder welker from boise idaho and is serving in the dallas texas mission. we are just not on the same page with a lot of things. He´s 20 and always has to add in every opinion he has that he has over 200 hours of experience on splits with his missionaries back home. I have met a lot of people on the plane from atlanta and just talking to people walking around the CCM. He´s not socially awkward but he doesnt really get along with people as much I do. So he kinda gets mad whenever poeple come and talk to me during meals in the cafeteria or when we´re studying. we do these lessons with fake investigators to help us with the language and teaching though the Spirit. Its frustrating with three people trying to teach and it doesnt help when Elder Welker literally takes 20 minutes trying to explain the plan of salvation and the ressurection when he doesnt know the vocab. for it. I literlly said 5 words in a 50 minute lesson (supposed to be max 35). other than that challenge its been great! We were able to go to the mexico city temple today which was awesome! Ther is so much good thats happened I have no idea where to start. Spanish is so hard but i feel like I am slowly progressing. The other day we came home to change for gym time and we ended up talking to our janitor for 45 minutes (all in spanish). he actually converted 8 years ago and than served a mission in northern mexico. We were just talking when he started to talk about the gospel aand what it meant to him. He bore his testimony and grabbed the pamphlet for the first vision and recited it. The spirit was so strong I started to cry. I only understood about half off what he was saying but I knew what he was saying was true. Ive had other experiences where we were teaching and out of nowhere i explained how the book of mormon and the bible were both testaments of christ and how it told the history of prophets and their families in the americas all in spanish. Yo tengo un testimonio de jesucristo y el libro de mormon. Yo se que la iglesia de jesucristo de los santos de los ultimas dias es verdedera. I should probably be able to say more in spanish but i cant right now. I love you guys so much and i want you to know that i know im doing the work of the lord.
Love Elder Timmy Jones
P.S. If you want to send me a package or some mail you can :) jk and if you can emily can you get me troys, kades, kyles which should be on the fridge, and conrads emails?